Powering Athlete Health

SirenMD is a technology platform that powers athlete health by connecting the trainers, physicians, and loved ones who treat them.



SirenMD: ESPN, Outside the Lines Segment

Receive timely, prioritized updates.

Receive health updates in real-time and have access to the latest information about your patients. Updates can include diagnoses, questions from colleagues, requests for images, urgent notifications regarding concussions, and any other communication that helps deliver more collaborative care to your patients.

Manage the health & well-being of your patients.

Creating a new patient case is quick and easy. Select the patient, input an initial case description, and choose the appropriate healthcare providers that should have access to this case. Caregivers receive a mobile device notification and are updated about the new case within seconds of creation.

Easily track your cases.

Have access to all of your open patient cases as well as all past cases at your fingertips. SirenMD organizes your caseload, allows for case prioritization, and gives you access to all of the information you need to provide informed and efficient care.