The Platform

SirenMD is a workplace collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of medical decisions. The platform enables caregivers to access remote experts and colleagues to effectively collaborate and prioritize their time, and its workflows are organized by case to optimize user interactivity. Through its multimedia, telemedicine application, SirenMD facilitates coordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates (doctors, nurses, athletic trainers, and other medical personnel) using mobile and web systems.

All healthcare providers’ experiences are unique, but most share common struggles. Back-and-forth phone tag, unsecure text messaging, and outdated pagers have led to meaningful inefficiencies. SirenMD not only strives to help caregivers provide better care by facilitating collaboration and faster communication, but also aims to take some of the stress and “fire-drill” headaches away. With SirenMD, all of your communications, including image-sharing, text updates, phone calls, and video calls will be happening in one user-friendly and secure place.

SirenMD and our partners understand the importance of protecting Personal Health Information (PHI), and we pride ourselves on our committment to delivering a secure platform. Our processes and policies reflect best-practice industry (HIPAA) standards, and SirenMD’s security safeguards reflect our continued committment to staying secure in a dynamic environment.

Any and all healthcare providers. SirenMD was created to facilitate communication between all members of a healthcare team. Current users include surgeons, primary care physicians, radiologists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, concussion experts, nurses, and assistant athletic trainers.

No, SirenMD is not an EMR. SirenMD is a secure communications platform that facilitates real-time coordination for healthcare providers, and can work in conjunction with EMR’s.

The Logistics

The on-boarding process is intentionally simple. Once you sign up and become a SirenMD organization, you would simply have to provide the contact information for the caregivers that you would like to have access to the platform. These caregivers would then receive an invitation to join SirenMD. We’re always available to help with any questions that may arise.

Currently, SirenMD has applications available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices, and can be accessed via our website on all devices connected to the Internet.

Yes, once you sign up and become a SirenMD organization, we will be able to invite your caregivers to join SirenMD. Adding or removing a new caregiver to SirenMD is not a problem.

SirenMD takes the protection of PHI very seriously, and we have created multiple levels of encryption and security to deny unauthorized access to your SirenMD account, even if you lose a device. That said, if you ever lose your mobile device or computer, please let us know and we will immediately take additional measures.

We would love to hear from you. Please email SirenMD at help@sirenmd.com for any addiitonal questions or inquiries. Thank you!